Brian Liao won the 2nd Prize of 2nd International London Only Stage Conducting.




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5th September 2020

Brian was nominated as next new ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR of Orchestre Nationale d’île-de-France for 20/21!  

Official Announcement 
Radio Classique
Concert Classique

30th July 2019

Brian won the third prize of 2nd BMI International Bucharest Conducting Competition hosted by Bucharest Music Institue and Bucharest Symphony, he also will work with Craiova “Oltenia" Philharmonic in 2019/2020 Season!
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BMI Competition

16th June 2019

Brian is thrilled to be selected as one of 16 active candidates our of 135 applicants to join the renowned 7th Lovro von Matacic international conducting competition held every 4 years in Zagreb, CroatiaHere is the list(Click the Link)

Lovro von Matacic

1st May 2019

Brian is very honored to be chosen as the Conducting Fellow of Taipei Symphony Orchestra, effective from September 2019.

1st March 2019

Brian is thrilled to announce that he signed the artist contract with WILLIAM REINERT ASSOCIATE, INC., in New York, he will be represented by them in North America, his general manager is Bill Reinert.

Conductor Brian Liao – now represented by William Reinert Associates, Inc.


1st March 2019

Brian made successful debut with National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, immediately he got re-invitation for the upcoming concertos series concerts at the end of 2019. Here is some spotlight from the concert and also the links for this concert:

國台交228音樂會 獻演台灣作曲家的美好樂音
【台灣好客‧好客台灣】二二八紀念音樂會 獻上臺灣作曲家為這片土地寫下的美好樂音(HINET)
【台灣好客‧好客台灣】二二八紀念音樂會 獻上臺灣作曲家為這片土地寫下的美好樂音(中央社)
政治歸政治 藝術歸藝術 國台交音樂會推出郭芝苑「偉人」樂作


14th February 2019

Brian is thrilled to announce his next concert tour will be with Super Violinist Roman Kim in Transylvania region with Oradea Philharmonic, after last successful concert he jumped in last minute to conduct Oradea Philharmonic, he got re-invitation and  doing a tour with them, below is the poster of the concert, more concert news coming soon!

Roman Kim Concert

25th January 2019

After an intense week with Orquestra Filharmonica and Maestro Mark Karel Chichon, Brian was honored to receive the highest voting from the Orchestra to conduct R.Strauss “Don Juan" with Orquesta Filharmonica de Gran Canaria in the final concert from total 14 participants.

photo credit: Bernard Doughty


2nd December 2018

Brian received a great successful debut in Argentina with Orquesta Sinfonica Provincial de Bahia Blanca! Following is the photos and new (Radio interview as well) link:

La Nueve news
News 2
News 3
Radio Interview/Asociacion Filharmonica

5th November 2018

Brian is thrilled to make his debut on 30th November with Bahia Blanca State Symphony Orchestra (ORQUESTA SINFÒNICA PROVINCIAL DE BAHÍA BLANCA) in Argentina.

Argentina Pic

9th October 2018

Brian was asking just 6 days before the concert to substitute Maestro Alpaslan Ertüngealp to conduct Oradea State Philharmonic with a 2nd prize of Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition winner Alexei Nabioulin.

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Oradea concert 2

27th September 2018

Brian has won the competition of 2018 NTSO “International Talent Musician Project Conducting Competition".

He will receive the scholarship from the Taiwanese Government for helping him to take part in the international competition, Masterclass, Festival…and so on, also including several concert engagement during 2018/19, 2019/2020 season.

Result-NTSO website


6th January 2018

Brian was honored been invited to conduct NEW YEAR CONCERT with Szolnok Symphony Orchestra in Törökszentmiklós Culture Concert Hall.
Program including several R.Strauss, F.Supper and Lehar’s famous orchestral piece.
The mayor of Törökszentmiklós and Taiwan-Hungary Ambassador also coming for this joyful event.
News in Taiwanese
News in Hungarian

Hungaria News

3rd January 2018

Brian was thrilled to be invite to take part in the 2. Kapellmeister Position Audition of Nordheusen Theater in Germany.


1st December 2017
Liao has been invited to take part in the audition of 2018 Peter Eötvös Foundation mentoring program for conductor, which only accepted 12 candidates out of 110 applicants. In the audition period, he will work with Danubia Obuda Symphony Orchestra in Budapest.



15th September 2017

Liao has been invited to participate at the 12th Cadaques International  Conduct

ing Competition held in Cadaques, Spain.