“…….Yuan-Hung Liao aus Taiwan schließlich oblag der Finalsatz mit seinen ebenso lyrischen wie turbulenten musikalischen Szenen. Er konnte Fanfaren und Marsch, aber auch Spielerisches und Poesievolles mit sicheren Gesten anweisen……."     —Südkurier, Germany  Sep. 2017

”…..Brian Liao affirme une direction d’une extrême lisibilité, bénéficiant d’une énergie manifeste, assez idéale pour servir la vivacité particulière du Boulez trentenaire…."
—, Dec. 2017

“I would like to testify that Mr. Yuan-Hung Liao is a student of excellence, highly talented and with the best perspective to have a future career as an orchestra conductor…."  in the letter of recommendation from world renowned German conductor Bruno Weil and Alexander Drčar

—台灣PAR表演藝術雜誌,March 2018

I do not remember any more turbulent beginning(La forza del destino overture)of a concert at the “Oltenia" Philharmonic in Craiova than it is that I will have the honor of speaking to you now……Conductor Brian Liao, from Taiwan, distinguished himself by two distinct traits: a remarkable expansiveness for a person from a culture of detention….”By Iulian in Intre muzical si conceptual 2019

“…….廖元宏不只首開以粵語打招呼、自我介紹的先例,具律動感的指揮姿態也確實達到形塑音樂想像、引領樂團的效果,加上排練時藉遇到心儀女性,先試探、確認對方心意,再展開進一步行動,來比喻反複樂段一層強過一層的變化,都讓人耳目為之一…..” Muzik 2023 

“…..下半場的拉赫曼尼諾夫第二號交響曲,是一部讓指揮家廖元宏充分發揮的作品。作品本身的起伏與明顯的旋律,讓團員可以自主的表現。當指揮推波助瀾時,觀眾更能明顯感受到如海浪般的音樂滾滾而…..” 表演藝術評論平台 2023